Ready-to-eat vegetarian and vegan health food – About Laura's Idea
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About Us

Laura’s Idea have been providing ready-to-eat vegetarian and vegan health foods for over 30 years!


Our Story


Creating healthy pre-made meals that taste great is what gets us up in the morning! We focus on simplicity in our recipes: a few key ingredients that are 100% natural and healthy that also taste great. All of our dishes are easily digestible and absorbed by the body. In fact, they’re created specifically to have long-term health benefits. We always say that simplicity is the secret to great food and we can’t stress enough about it. As a result, Laura’s Idea have become known for our innovative dishes that are as tasty as they are healthy. It’s no wonder customers have kept on coming back for the last 30 years!


Laura's Idea founder Laura Maichner and her son Robin - ready-to-eat vegetarian and vegan health foodFounded by Laura Maichner in 2001, Laura’s Idea are the UK’s leading vegetarian and vegan food supplier for health food stores across the country. Laura is one of London’s pioneers of ready-to-eat vegetarian and vegan health foods. Consequently, some buyers have been ordering from her since the 1980s! Her idea was, and is still the same today: to make healthy, homemade whole foods using simple recipes with carefully selected ingredients. She now runs her business with her son Robin who grew up eating her macrobiotic food. They continue to improve the existing dishes and come up with innovative recipes.


As implied in the name, Laura’s full of ideas! She’s a certified macrobiotic chef and natural health enthusiast. Whether you’re looking for informative articles or recipes, you can explore them here.





Where To Find Us


Find our range of products at health food stores across London and the UK. Search for the nearest store where you can buy Laura’s Idea.