Benefits of a plant-based diet - Laura's Idea
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Benefits of a plant-based diet

Benefits of a plant-based diet

We are a vegetarian and and health food brand, but we rarely talk about why we make mostly plant-based dishes. Although we don’t prescribe specific diets to our customers, increasing your vegetable intake is definitely beneficial to your health! We want to share our philosophy so you get a better understanding of why we do what we do.

Vegetables in a basket - Laura's Idea - vegan and vegetarian dishesPlants are the best sources of nutrients

First and foremost, Laura believes that a plant-based diet is the most effective way for people to get their daily vitamin, mineral and fibre intake. And she’s not alone. Unlike supplements, the nutrients we get from food is properly absorbed into the body. This means you will have healthily functioning organs in an optimal system. When we don’t eat a balanced diet, we are exposed to various diseases caused by certain nutritional deficiencies. For example, if you’re not getting enough minerals from your food, the body will get it from your bones! Frighteningly, this can lead to osteoporosis, brittle nails, tooth decay and hair loss! Another example is poor brain health caused by omega-3, vitamin D + B deficiencies, which can lead to various mood disorders including depression.

benefits of a plant-based diet - Laura's IdeaGo plant-based and stay balanced, mentally and physically

Another one of Laura’s beliefs is that a vegetarian or vegan diet, along with drinking clean filtered or spring water, can help bring our bodies closer to alignment so that it can function at its best. That means when we introduce foods that are obstructive to our natural equilibrium (like excessive alcohol, sugar, meat and dairy), it throws our bodily functions out of alignment. It also puts a huge strain on the system, especially the liver! Moreover, excessive consumption of these foods can lead to illnesses like liver disease, cancers and heart attacks.

In summary, we need proper nourishment to feel good, both physically and psychologically. Certain foods like processed food and meat are harder to digest. That means you end up using more energy on digestion instead of other bodily functions. So naturally, when we eliminate those foods and increase vegetable intake, WE FEEL GREAT! In the end, we need to listen to our bodies, and if you start to feel better from eating natural whole foods, you’re most likely on the right path to optimum health!

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