Mexican Pancake - Vegan - Laura's Idea
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Mexican Pancake – Vegan

Mexican Pancake – Vegan

We know our fans love our pancakes… but have you tried our Mexican Pancake? It’s got a mix of rice (brown and organic, of course), red peppers, beans, corn, kale, leeks and onions with a little kick from the chilli and garlic! Like our other signature pancake dishes, we always use organic unbleached flour to cook each pancake by hand. Get this meat-free wrap for lunch or bring it home for dinner and serve it with a green salad.

Mexican Pancake – Vegan – 230g


Organic unbleached wheat flour, organic brown rice, onions, leeks, peppers, green beans, red kidney beans, sweet corn, kale, sunflower oil, sea salt, black pepper, chilli, garlic.

Please see the packaging label for nutritional information.

All products are produced in a factory that handles nuts, seeds and gluten.

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