New sweet treats & vegan cheeses - Laura's Idea
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New sweet treats & vegan cheeses

New sweet treats & vegan cheeses

At Laura’s Idea, we’re always inventing new and innovative vegan and vegetarian dishes! This summer we’re excited to launch a series of home-made vegan cheeses and sweets plus a special soup designed to give you beautiful-looking skin.


Vegan Cheeses


Raw Cashew Cheese Salad

Topped with our dense and flavourful vegan cashew cheese, this raw salad is filled with kale and spiralised carrot that comes with a light lemon dressing.

Raw Sunflower Cheese Salad

A filling raw salad featuring our home-made vegan cheese made of sunflower seeds. Comes on a bed of rocket and mixed vegetables with a light lemon dressing.

Sunflower Cheese Sandwich

This wholesome wholemeal sandwich has our vegan sunflower cheese as its filling.

Cashew Cheese Sandwich

A healthy wholemeal sandwich with the heartiness of our home-made vegan cashew cheese.



Guilt-Free Truffles - Vegan - Laura's Idea


Guilt-Free Truffles – Vegan

Raw and vegan guilt-free truffles that taste rich and creamy, just like the real deal without any dairy or refined sugar.

Tofu Chocolate Cheesecake – Vegan

A vegan version of the chocolate cheesecake that’s equally delicious and satisfying that you won’t believe it’s made with tofu!


Soup for Beautiful Skin


Raw Beauty Soup - Vegan - Laura's IdeaRaw Beauty Soup – Vegan

This is the first dish created specifically for beautiful skin. They say beauty comes from within, and this soup will give you better looking skin from the inside out! Every single ingredient used is known to improve your complexion. Learn more about eating for beauty in this blog post.


Since the new products have just started to roll out this week, some stores may not be carrying all of the new items yet. If you see something you like above and want your local health food store to carry it, be sure to let them know!