Quinoa Salad – Vegan - Laura's Idea
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Quinoa Salad – Vegan

Quinoa Salad – Vegan

Okay, we admit we may not always remember how to pronounce it, but we certainly know what the quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) brings to this Quinoa Salad! Revered by the Incas who called it ‘mother grain’, it is not a true grain at all. In fact, it’s a seed and closely related to beets and spinach. With its unique, mild and slightly nutty flavour, it blends perfectly with mint and our carefully prepared seasonings. If you’re a fan of quinoa you’ll love this gorgeously light and colourful salad.



Organic quinoa 23%, peas, organic sweetcorn, red kidney beans, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, onions, celery, parsley, sea salt, mint, organic lemon juice, soya sauce (GM-free soya beans, wheat, sea salt, koji), black pepper, olive oil.

Please see the packaging label for nutritional information.

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Quinoa Salad - Vegan - Laura's Idea