Veganuary – for health, animals & planet ! - Laura's Idea
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Veganuary – for health, animals & planet !

Veganuary – for health, animals & planet !

Are you participating in Veganuary? If so, great for you! If not, we’re here to support it and tell you all about the movement that’s gaining force globally.

It’s healthy!

Laura's Idea - Veganuary - ready-made vegan dishes UKFirst and foremost, eating vegan food means increasing the amount of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that we eat. Becoming more aware and responsible for our diet and needs can only lead to better health. We at Laura’s Idea are big fans of a plant-based diet, and we’ve talked about its benefits in a previous blog post. Real, unprocessed foods that are made from mainly fruits and vegetables are the most sustaining for the body and mind and naturally the most nutritious. There are important phytonutrients that we can only receive from plants and our body can only really absorb vitamins and minerals from real food! Moreover, if the body is properly fuelled, we have a system that’s working at an optimal level. Thus, lowering our chances of becoming ill and powering our body to remain strong, healthy and happy.

Stand up for the animals

Secondly, we can help stop a lot of the unnecessary suffering and cruelty of animals! It’s no secret that there is a lot of exploitation and mistreatment of animals in the meat and dairy industries. Refraining from consuming meat shows compassion for all living beings and help us create a more harmonious future for our beautiful planet and ourselves.  For many people, veganism doesn’t mean just taking out animal products from the dinner plate. It means a lifestyle that also supports ethical products that don’t cause harm to animals and mother Earth. Some of these including cosmetics, shoes and clothing.

Save our planet

Last but not least, cutting out animal products from our diet is also a better choice to protect and respect our environment. Did you know that it takes 2400 litres of water to make ONE hamburger? In addition, the meat and dairy industries are one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gas emission in the world. The amount of land and water used to sustain the industry is enormous when you include the production of GM grains to feed livestock. Rain forests are being destroyed for grazing land, causing the extinction of the natural habitat of wild life. Furthermore, we keep losing more and more important trees that help to absorb the greenhouse emissions. Let’s not forget that nature gives us life and protection!

Laura’s Idea supports Veganuary!

Sweet Potato Stew - Vegan - Laura's Idea

Sweet Potato Stew

Once we are informed of these facts, it’s hard not to try and cut out some animal products! Veganuary is a great way to test how we can feel after a month of going plant-based. Then, we can see if it’s something we can continue to do for the rest of the year. Whatever your decision may be, Laura’s Idea is here to help! Whether it’s just for January or throughout the year, we make delicious and homemade vegan dishes all year round! Check out our other vegetarian and pescatarian dishes to help you with your diet – no matter what stage you’re at in the transition process!